Naturally Grown Produce

All-Natural Vegetables

"Organic" has become an overly politicized term. It is a term coined merely to create profit, nothing more. While we're not "certified organic", our vegetables are as "organic" as you can get, we have the weeds to prove it.

We grow:

All kinds of peppers (sweet and hot), sweet corn, onions, basil, cabbage (red and green), cucumbers, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, and a variety of weeds.

This year’s bill (2012):

Peppers: Anaheim, Jalapeño, Ghost, Greek, Cherry Bomb, Bell

Tomatoes: Big Ugly Italian, Lemon

Cantaloupe: Grand Slam

(Work in Progress, these are all I remember off -hand)


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