Party Poll

Heyo friends! I’m looking to have a party at the farm after the spring or summer session. I need to gauge how many people will be coming and an approximate date so I know when and how large of a pig I need to raise (don’t worry, we’ll have veg too).

I’ll be making a 5 gallon batch of beer for the party, but other than that, I’mma say BYOB.

I think May would be convenient for people, but August will be nice ’cause we’ll have fresh veggies from the garden.

Also, please keep in mind that the farm is quite a hike from campus seeing as it’ll take about an hour by car. If you want to crash at the farm, that’s cool too, just bring a sleeping bag seeing as we’ll probably throw you in the greenhouse. 😛

Only one vote, please, and if any of the teachers plan on coming, you can bring spouse and kids (just be sure to tell me).

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