Brew Day!

Cracking malted grains

Sparging grains (extracting sugars) in my homemade lauter tun

Boiling malt, hops and spices

Giving spent grains to Peanut (and other animals)

Running my homemade immersion chiller into the wort. Saving the hot water for the greenhouse.

Peanut didn’t like the IPA

Beer fermenting (Last week’s Pale ale conditioning)

This was my own concoction. An American wheat ale with a slight bitterness, loads of aromatic hops, and other fruity spices. We’ll see how it turns out!

Breaking Ground

I thought it would be apropos that the first post be about breaking ground both literally and figuratively. While there is snow on the ground outside, inside our cozy greenhouse, our peppers are finally starting to break ground!

Enjoy the extra day today.